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CALM’s TwoCans stencil mural requires students to cut out stencils from A3 cardboard, tape up the stencils into a 2m x 2m mural grid and then paint over the stencils. Once the mural wall has been undercoated, allow a few lessons to complete this mural.

Suitable for: high school students

Suggestion: order a second paint kit and reverse the TwoCan stencil and install two cans next to each other.

The Basic Box includes:

    • Stencils on A3 cardboard
    • Aerosol (plus 2 practice cans)
    • Acrylic paint
    • Undercoat
    • Dropsheet
    • Painters Tape
    • 10 x stanley knives
    • Gloves
    • Masks
    • Artist information aligned with the visual arts curriculum frames in NSW, video installation instructions, artist video talk, written installation instructions.Price includes shipping

Schools will need to supply: roller and roller tray for undercoating, paint brushes (approx 38mm wide and 75mm wide), a second drop sheet, cutting mats or flat cardboard to cut the stencils on in the classroom, small plastic containers or jars to mix paint colours up in.

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