Mural In A Box launched in September 2020 by three creatives Jacinta Fintan, Natalie Sherring and street artist CRISP . The idea had been one that Jacinta had been kicking around in her head for over a year, but during the pandemic she realised it was the perfect time to start working on the concept. She contacted two friends Natalie and CRISP to create a team and Mural In A Box became a reality.

Jacinta Fintan, CEO

Jacinta has worked in the arts for over twenty years and is passionate about connecting young people with creative programs that improve their lives. She also runs the touring Stencil Art Prize and The Wall Station, a successful public art agency that installs mural and public artworks with councils, school and businesses. During her career she has worked with over thirty schools in Australia to coordinate mural programs with some of Australia’s leading street artists. Jacinta works across Development, Artist Liaison and Marketing at Mural In A Box.

Natalie Sherring – Head of Education

Natalie is a successful practising visual artist with over 17 years experience in teaching visual art at high schools in NSW. Her extensive understanding of teacher and student needs in a school environment enable her to create specialised learning resources for the Mural In A Box program. Natalie’s passion for painting is evident in her own creative practice and numerous sold out solo exhibitions. 

CRISP – Head of Production

CRISP is an Australian street artist Crisp in Sydney who has been participating in art shows and the vibrant urban art scene and festivals around the world since 2009. Crisp’s work has been displayed at numerous events and exhibitions in Australia and internationally, including Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Mexico City, Winnipeg, Sydney, Canberra, Armidale, Melbourne, London, Santa Marta, San Jose, Aruba, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Colombia. CRISP’s technical expertise in mural installation is second to none, and he oversees development of mural templates, paint and materials and works closely with our artists to ensure their designs are practical and effective.